5 Digital Language Lab Support and Services You Should Look For

It is true that digital language labs have revolutionized the way students learn language. Now, students can utilize the teacher’s learning at a self-paced manner and individually practice as well. This ensures higher retaining of the teachings as compared to traditional classroom trainings. Digital language labs are state-of-the-art technology, but they still need services and support sometimes. Here are five lab support and services that you might need for a digital language lab:

  1. Installation Support:

Setting up hardware of a digital language lab is pretty much like setting up any computer lab, but configuring the software to run with the hardware is a little difficult task for the novice. Due to this reason, installation support is one of the most important support services that you should look for. Companies like Robotel.com provide these support services for the software. Both hardware and software installation is provided by these support services.

  1. Technical Support:

Even after installation of the digital language lab, it is possible that the software starts malfunctioning due to improper use or some unforeseeable bug. During such times, technical support is required. This support service ensures that your language lab functions without glitches and if they come, they are fixed as soon as possible.

  1. System Updates:

The driving power behind digital language labs is the software that is installed in the systems. This software is regularly updated by the manufacturer and this type of service is provided by them only. Keeping your software up to date allows better enhancements to the digital language lab as well as lesser problems. Therefore, this is another service that you should look for.

  1. Teacher Training:

As digital language lab can be a complicated software to people who haven’t used it before, many teachers face issues in the beginning. To overcome this problem, services like teacher training can be used. Sometimes, the software has guides pre-installed and sometimes short workshops and seminars can be used to train teachers. All are provided by the software developers only.

  1. IT Technical Training:

Many times, schools or institutions have their own IT team. In these cases, the school would prefer taking care of the digital language lab software internally rather than involving technical support from outside. In these cases, IT technical training could be used to train their IT team with the software’s ins and outs so that they can fix problems themselves.

These are the most common support and services that you should look for in digital language lab.

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