5 Profitable Small Business Ideas for First-Generation Entrepreneurs

Now that you’re done with your college education, it’s time to employ your skills in the real world. There is no dearth of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs who do not have the monetary and ideational support from families.

Having graduated from one of the top business schools in India you have all the skills and motivation to make your mark in the corporate world, even if your parents are employees in different fields. However, you must venture to take up a business line that suits your interests and disposition. Here are a few business ideas from which you can choose:

Social Media Marketing

Who could provide marketing services to various businesses better than the millennials who know what trends and what’s boring? If you have been active on social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, you can proffer content and other solutions to business giants in the market.

Virtual Reality

It is a prudent thought to invest in the technologies of the future and Virtual Reality products and services are among them. You don’t necessarily have to know everything about these gadgets; you can simply consider marketing techniques and sell them with amazing deals and offers. You can also manage and operate a VR website that gives the low down on the games, tech, software and more.

Pet Services

Pet owners look for new pet foods and sitting services for their cats, dogs and other animals. While the best BBA college in Delhi will not give you skills and techniques to manage pets and their requirements, you will certainly have acquired the right skills to manage vets and other helpers to proffer pet food, creche services etc. to customers.


Pies, pastries and cupcakes are quite famous amongst foodies. You will not have to wait or look for customers if you can hire a respectable pastry chef. The management of breads, cookies and other baked goods is not difficult and you can easily create a revenue model that satiates your needs along with creating a good name for your bakery.

Event Planner 

The number of opportunities in the event planning sector are innumerable. Music concerts, marketing events, sales and the likes catch the attention of different people. If you can yield your creative side, this is the job for you. However, you will have to do some market research, planning, time management and build up your industry skills. Your photography skills will assist you in marketing your firm as well, if you have knack for it.

Many colleges today help incubate ideas of budding entrepreneurs. One of the better known B-schools in Delhi-NCR, IILM UBS has an Entrepreneurship Development Cell which inculcates and helps promote entrepreneurial culture in students.

With the advent of online work, you can choose from a variety of fields and excel at what you choose to undertake. The only important thing for you is to employ all the skills, technique and contacts your gained at the b-school.

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