Ballet Class Music – The Motosonus Method Overview

The Motosonus Method was produced to provide pianists and composers use of tools that will assist them to provide high quality ballet class music for ballet instructors. Within the most general terms the Motosonus Method provides ballet class pianists some guidelines for enjoying and creating music with specific techniques which usually are meant to result in the music more efficient in the role within the teaching setting from the ballet studio.

Among the primary ways this is achieved is as simple as tailoring the beat placement and beat size, the macro-phrasing and micro-phrasing, and also the melodic and harmonic content from the music to produce a fabric of harmonic and rhythmic dissonance and consonance that suits the strain and relaxation happening within the dancers muscles.

Using Beat Placement

This really is most likely probably the most impactful part of the Motosonus Method, because the beat and pulse of music has this type of great effect on dancing, not only to ballet, however in every type of dance in the most primitive towards the most sophisticated.

The beat placement within the music can produce a feeling of pushing, of holding back, to be quicker than it really is, to be slower of computer really is, of stretching, as well as constricting. It may provide the music an expansive feel, or perhaps a tightly controlled feel. It may generate a feeling of weight or a sense of lightness. It can produce a grounded security or a feeling of flight around the very fringe of control.

Having a couple of quite simple techniques, the ballet class pianist can learn how to recognize where all these effects are essential within the ballet class music and supply them, both in the manner the background music is conducted for any recording as well as in an active setting.

Using Phrasing

Once the pianist understands how to control the ballet class music phrasing, if becomes an effective tool for raising the amount of a student dancers, getting the most from their efforts.

The phrasing from the ballet class music can be used within the Motosonus Method to own dancers the right feeling of initiation and arrival, and also to extract slightly longer stretches and muscle tension from their store when needed. Phrasing may be used to provide from a good and secure feeling of structure to a feeling of freedom and flight, whatever is suitable for that specific exercise.

The phrasing is capable of doing supplying subtle punctuation towards the movements from the dancers, lending clearness and assurance. I love to think of it as putting an exclamation mark where the first is needed and doing exactly the same with question marks and periods. Effectively punctuated ballet class music will raise the self-confidence and self-assurance from the student dancers because it both clarifies and lends credibility towards the movements.

Using Harmonic and Melodic Content

The musical aspects of tune and harmony are the very best for creating tension and relaxation. Subtle and thoroughly controlled dissonance and consonance are amazingly good at getting the best from the ballet students.

The tunes can completely alter the character from the music. Melodic material can lend the dancing from a clear sharpness and tight precision to some sweeping feeling of elegance and bold freedom. Because the ballet class exercises use all the muscles, tiniest to largest, and rehearse an extensive spectrum of movements in the tiniest and many controlled towards the grandest and many free, the tunes produced through the ballet class pianist have to be tailored to complement and enhance all individuals motions.


If these 3 concepts, namely beat placement, phrasing and harmony and tune are tailored to suit specifically the ballet exercises (because they are using the Motosonus Method) the potency of any class could be greatly enhanced.

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