Come Join the Air Force for your Dream Job

There is no better pride other than being able to serve the country and protect it, in times of need. Being a part of the Air Force is one such task of valor where you get to play an active role in ensuring maximum security for your country. Every year, there are multiple young boys and girls who train to be a part of the Air Force and thus become protectors of the country.

The types of Jobs with the Air Force

While talking about getting jobs in the air force, it is not just limited to being a pilot and being able to control the fighter jets up in the air. There are several other jobs associated and that makes it a chain where each job is interlinked with each other while all of them have a common mission. Here is a list of jobs that you can be a part of while being in the Air Force.

The Flying Squad

This makes up the first set of people who are put out on the battlefield and are responsible for the security of the country. The fighter pilots hose who steer helicopters and those who conduct rescue missions form the flying squad.

The Technical Team

This is comprised of those who are sound with the technicalities involved with the planes. It comprises of engineers who have received relevantdegrees and are capable of handling the technical aspects of the Air Force. They play an active role in the maintenance and the fixing or technical glitches as and when it appears.

The Ground Staff

For those who are a part of the ground staff, are responsible for undertaking the tower functions, keeping a track on the meteorological updates and accordingly conveying the same to the pilots. This is a job that expects responsible people who would be vigilant round the clock as any wrong information may lead to accidents.

The medical team

This includes the presence of medical professionals such as general physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, psychologists, emergency doctors, nurses, etc.who would attend to the ones flying the planes as well as other staffswho are closely associated with flying.

The accounts and administration

This is another important department that keeps a track on the financial and administrative aspect of the Air force. Being a part of this allows you to handle the back end of the scenes while ensuring that everything is on track while the pilots are out there.

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