Dr Elmi’s ‘Power to Decide’ Talk at Youth Corps Singapore 02 August 2018

Article Written by Lauren Harris, Guest Blogger

If you are feeling doubtful on whether you should listen to a motivational speaker or not, here are the reasons that why we all should listen to motivational speakers like Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman. I have attended a lot of talks by various motivational speakers; not one has taken a group of people on such a roller-coaster of emotions like Dr Elmi’s talk. I felt very motivated to change things not only professionally but personally as well. Dr Elmi was truly inspirational and inspirationally funny.

I attended Dr Elmi’s ‘Power to Decide’ talk on 2 August 2018. The talk was about the “concept of IMPACT”. It went beyond Dr Elmi’s personal story, beyond just telling but conceptually and contextually and showing how people’s aspirations are achievable, great things are possible and anyone can share a positive message and create a life of meaning.

Dr Elmi shared about how important life decisions can be challenging to make. They are often complicated, involving many factors, some of them with competing interests. The stakes may also be high, and you are right to be concerned about making the best decision possible.

He also talked about self-confidence and the aura that comes with it which can be a tricky beast to tame. He explained that one negative thought can be enough to knock an individual back down to square one and have him or her feeling like crap if he or she is not careful. Take it from someone who knows. Dr Elmi grew up as a painfully shy kid, often believing he wasn’t as good or as deserving as everyone else. Aside from when with a select group of friends his confidence was stuck at rock bottom. Over time he came to the realisation that his lack of confidence was influencing the way he perceived not only himself but also the situations he was in. While doing his doctoral research, he concurrently began to do some research on how to boost confidence and discovered a wealth of information out there.

I was totally mesmerised by the segment where Dr Elmi shared about the ‘4 Visualisation Techniques That Can Propel Success’. He carefully explained how important it is to constantly feed your mind with happy, loving memories. He was not referring to reliving the past, but to recreate those moments that once made you smile. He emphasised on recalling the times of happiness in his home, such as a birthday party, a get-together with his friends and family or a special holiday to ensure he is continuously motivated. He did whatever he had to do to keep the naysayers and negative people out of his life as much as possible.

Even though Dr Elmi was doing most of the talking, it’s best to think of his talk as a two-way conversation. His relationship with the audience began before they arrived and will continue after they leave. Add all of this up, and it means two things: confidence in his message, and a respectful understanding of his audience.

So, next time you want to feel that wonderful rush of inspiration, go ahead and listen to an inspirational speaker like Dr Elmi Zulkarnain. He is the real inspiration, the kind that will consume every pore of your body, sustain itself not only through the next morning, but many mornings to come, and drives you to achieve your goals, look deep inside and see if you can find it in you.

Thank you, Dr Elmi, for inviting me to your Motivational Talk. Love the humour. Love the energy. It was certainly time well-spent.

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