Improve your grades in five simple steps

Navigating exam season like a professional comes naturally to some people, and not so naturally to others. So, if you fall into the latter category, when it is the time of year when exams are looming, and assignments are piling up the logical thing to do is to get advice and tips from the former group of people. Naturally you’re hoping for the best possible grades, so what can you do to help move them in the right direction? Here is what those who thrive on these situations will tell you.

Hold your focus

Always know where you hope to go. In other words, if you hope to finish school and enrol for a certificate 3 engineering mechanical trade then the subjects and classes that play most directly into achieving this goal are the ones that should get the bulk of your attention. You might have history as a class, but the need to focus on it is obviously less important given the end goal, which undoubtedly requires that you pay more attention to mathematics or physics.

Keep practicing

One of the simplest ways to make studying easier, is to practice. Let’s say that you want to get better at a foreign language. Commit to talking it as often as possible. Then, take the next step, and commit to reading it. Buy a newspaper in whatever language it is that you have chosen. Or find a website in that language. Then take time out every day to read it. Do this daily for a month and you are almost guaranteed to improve your marks and your fluency in that language. Keep doing it and your marks will continue to rise. Do this for your other subjects too, find creative ways to make the subject familiar to you.

Improve your self-talk

So much of what we do, how we behave and what we achieve in life is about self-talk. Decide what marks you want to get per subject and believe yourself that you will reach those goals. Don’t let that small but powerful voice inside you tell you any different, it is possible, you just have to believe it.  If you truly believe it, you will find yourself wanting to spend extra time studying in order to achieve the goals you’ve set.

Make studying fun

Try to make studying as much fun as you can. Find a way to turn studying into a game. Get your friends involved as well to create a degree of competition. Set goals, stick them up on the wall and reward yourself with gold stars for achieving them. Make time for group study sessions.

Build new habits

Take time out to decide what new habits you need to develop to help you study better and then put plans in place to help you build these habits. They say it takes repeating something seven times for it to become a new habit. Consciously and intentionally create the right habits and you will be amazed at how quickly things fall into place for you.

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