Managing Stress For UPSC Exam

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the central recruiting agency which conducts several examinations for recruiting grade A and grade B officers for All India Services. Civil Services Examination is one of the examinations conducted by UPSC. It is considered to be one of the toughest examinations in the country. UPSC exam pattern is highly exhaustive as it consists of three different stages and takes almost one year time to finish the entire process. The first stage is the UPSC prelims which consist of two subjective papers- General Studies and CSAT. Those who qualify prelims appear in Mains which consists of nine descriptive papers and finally those who clear mains are called for the personality test. Also, keeping proper track of current affairs is important for all the three phases of the exam.

Now you got an overview regarding the long procedure of the examination. Another big obstacle is to handle the huge syllabus of the exam. This is one of the biggest challenges UPSC aspirants face and it becomes really difficult to manage stress. Stress management plays a key role in your success.

Here we give you some useful tips which can help in managing stress.

Tips to Manage Stress for UPSC Exam

  1. Meditation

   If you want to be stress-free and feel relaxed, meditation can act as a miracle. Practising meditation on a daily basis relieves your stress and keeps your mind healthy.

2.Proper Sleep

   Although you need to put a lot of efforts for cracking IAS exam, in order to keep your preparation in flow, you should take a sound sleep of 6-7 hours on a daily basis.

  1. Follow Time Table

   You should make target oriented efforts. A proper timetable should be followed strictly so that you don’t get overburdened later.

  1. Take Breaks

   While studying for long hours, whenever you feel that your efficiency has got reduced, you shouldn’t hesitate in taking small breaks. Stay away from social myths. Taking a break actually relaxes your mind and thus helps in releasing stress.

  1. Stay away from Distractions

   Social media acts as the biggest source of distraction. Thus you need to put limits on social media usage. Focus just on your goal and stay away from distractions.

6.No Comparisons

   Don’t compare yourself with your competitors. Everyone is different and so are their ways and strategies of study. You should just think about which way of study works best for you and stick to your preparation.

  1. Believe in Yourself

    If you doubt your own abilities, you can never reach your goal in life. You need to keep faith in yourself. You have to face difficulties boldly and find solutions to all your problems. If you lose confidence, you can never make it.

If you follow these tips, you can manage the exam stress in a proper way. Stress and anxiety are bound to occur to those who prepare for UPSC exam seriously. But if you handle it properly, you can be a winner for sure.

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