The Best Algebra Apps to Help Kids Learn All the Basics

My kids are both entering the later years of elementary school and I can already see one of my sons struggling a bit with math. He’s always been very engaged in school but he’s not a fan of homework, so I knew right away that sitting him down in front of a supplemental workbook was just not the solution, so I took to the internet to research. I was recommended to a site called AppGrooves that has a list of the top apps for learning Algebra for students. At that time, I hadn’t even considered a mobile app as a potential solution, so I decided to try it out.

Best 10 Apps for Learning Algebra

I did some more sleuthing, exploring some of the apps that sounded like they could be a good tool for my son to use, and sure enough, there were a few that he took to immediately. He actually finds it fun to play games on these apps and I’ve already noticed an improvement in his overall confidence when he comes to math. I’ve included a review of his favorite three apps below in the hopes that they might come in handy for you too.

Learn More Than Just Algebra with Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an amazing tool in my opinion because it offers study help on more than just math. Finance, history, grammar, and politics among loads of other subjects are also offered.The lessons also come with videos so your child can easily learn Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 concepts like systems of equations and linear algebra (among others). There is also a hints section so if your child gets stuck he or she can get some additional assistance.

I will say that of the three apps listed here, this one is by far the more advanced option. For younger children, I would say go with a more game-based app. However, if your child is a bit older, I think Khan Academy is a really good tool to use all the way up through high school. Right now, my son doesn’t get a whole lot of use out of it, but I definitely plan to save this one for both of my sons to use a bit later on.

Learn Math by Playing Games with Algebra Basics

Algebra Basics features everything from linear algebra to practice in commutative property multiplication and provides a proper foundation for all important algebra topics. The best part is that it’s all taught using game-based learning, which makes each topic fun and engaging, and – for my son – it feels more like playing than learning. An additional bonus is that there’s an “order of operations” calculator to help your child understand how to break down equations and make them easier to solve.

There are a lot of algebraic topics to choose from, so it may be difficult to know exactly where your child should start. My recommendation is to either talk to their teacher or see what areas of their math homework they seem to be struggling with.

Improve Your Algebra Skills at Any Age with Algebra Touch

While it’s appropriate for kids to use, Algebra Touch is also a good tool for adults who want to refresh their algebra skills. I really enjoy the fact that I can use this tool to better my understanding of math so I can better help my sons with their homework. It’s also nice because it’s fully interactive, by which I mean that you can manipulate the numbers by dragging and rearranging them however you want to simplify and eliminate similar terms. The interface is simple and intuitive, and I my son honestly seems to forget he’s learning because he’s so invested in the game.

All of the questions on Algebra Touch are randomized, which might be an issue if you’re looking for a more progressive approach to challenges. Or, if your children haven’t finished learning the various algebra concepts, I could see this being a frustrating approach to learning games. Just keep in mind your child’s age, math level, and personality type before you download.


I am so glad that I found these apps for my kids to use. As I said before, there’s already been an improvement in my son’s grades and his confidence, and I couldn’t be happier about it. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your child’s algebra learning at home, or if you just want to improve your own knowledge of the subject, these apps are truly priceless.

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