Three Jobs You Did Not Know They Exist.

Why do we go to school anyway? To fit in, you would say- the norm wake up, dress up and go to school. It’s funny how being asked what you want to be in future is one of the most consistent questions we are asked while growing up. And as if that is not enough, as grown as you might be, people will still meet you and ask, ”so, what do you do?”

We all have a dream job, but often we end up working in different professions that were not really what we studied for in school. Growing up, most of us were very familiar with jobs such as doctors, engineers, professors, pilots among many others. Isn’t it weird how some people make money doing the most bizarre things? Can you imagine waking up every morning to go to work only to taste ice-cream and get paid for it? Who wouldn’t love that? Yes, it is a profession!

Below are some examples of the jobs you never knew existed;

  1. Online Doctors

Most of us believe that the only solution to the treatment of a disease is by physically visiting the doctor- if so, you are mistaken! How cool would it be to study medicine only for you to attend to your patients while online? Well, with the internet in place, many health platforms online have been established. How does it work? There are some doctors whom you can consult at any time while online, they respond to your inquiries in real time and give you treatments to your health issues.  A great example of such doctors would be the EU- licensed doctors at Apomeds health platform.

  1. Professional Sleeper

What a job! Can you imagine being paid simply to exist? No effort made but simply sleeping. Do you now consider changing your career? Well, professional sleepers are paid to sleep for scientific reasons such as studying various activities of the brain while asleep. Also, the sleepers can also be used to test for the comfortability of a given brand of mattress and give their professional feedback on the same.

  1. Gumologist

These are people who are paid to review chewing gums of different companies. They taste and give their reviews and suggestions about the different tastes of the chewing gums. Additionally, they help companies in coming up with unique gum flavours. Now that you know it’s a profession, don’t judge anyone who you meet chewing gum- they might be working!

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