Wondering How To Become A Film Critic? Find Here!

The love for movies continues. If you are someone who itches to write about new releases or likes to delve into the characters, stories and themes beyond an Average Joe, film criticism is a subject worth taking up. Film critics are experts who write on films, with an individual voice. Every film critic has a different take on the same movie, which makes it an interesting field. In case you are wondering how to be a film critic, we have relevant details below for your help.

Becoming a film critic

Before we talk of the technical details, let’s first understand the difference between a good critic and a bad one. Just watching the movie and writing about it doesn’t make someone a critic. A critic is expected to understand the genre, and at times, they are expected to write on genres and themes that are completely unknown to them. What matters is their interest in the movie itself. They know more on screenplay, direction and small technical aspects. To be more precise, they have an eye for detail. They are passionate about films and don’t mind watching movies that don’t really belong to their comfort zone.

How to become one?

It goes without saying that a film critic should have passion for movies, and that includes pan interest in genres and a willing mind that’s ready to explore. Expert reviewers and critics agree that practice is the best way to get things right. You have to write, and keep writing on movies, unless you find an audience. You have to also watch and learn different technical terms and must have a thing for old and new movies alike. An important part of all that is to have a unique voice and to be able to point out the good and bad and areas of improvement.

Share the voice

There’s no point of waiting to find your first job as a film critic. With the internet, you don’t have to wait to publish your thoughts. It doesn’t take a lot to start your blog, and you will find reputation as a film critic soon, as long as there is something interesting and different for the readers to read. Also, feedback can help you do better with your reviews in the future, and with social media, you can interact with your audience.

Get trained

If you still want to understand film making and movies better, you can opt for film education programs that are aimed at future prospects. You will learn all the critical aspects and can also understand the basics of genres, themes and how world cinema has evolved over the years. It also gives an insight how things are evolving, including shooting formats and how filmmakers are being inspired by recent turn of events.

Film criticism requires you to have a distinct style, and it’s completely okay if you need time to find your voice. Getting trained just makes the process easier and simplifies the arc of becoming a critic in the real world. Critics, who come from film schools, often find stable jobs quicker.

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