Woo your audience with a killer presentation with these tips

We have all had to endure a boring presentation at one point in life or the other and you are probably scared that at the end of your presentation you will be labeled as “the boring presenter”. This article is here to ensure that that doesn’t happen to you.

There are many ways you can write your PowerPoint Presentation but there are few ways to make sure that your presentation is effective from start to finish. This involves some level of proper preparation techniques, familiarity and minimalism in preparing your presentation.

  1. Use minimal Text

The most important part in preparing slides for your presentation is making sure that text is as concise as possible. Most presenters are usually nervous and afraid that they might forget some points that they would want to present and end up cluttering their slides with a lot of text.

This practice affects your presentation in two ways;

  • It distracts your crowd as they try to get through the massive text you have written.
  • It makes you unnecessary since all the information you will say is in the slide.

Using a minimal text slide saves you from these pot-holes and gives you a chance to express more while interacting with the audience.

  1. Visuals should be simple

There is no imaginable situation where using hugely complex visuals is good for PowerPoint slides. Your audience will spend more time analyzing the images that serve as slide backgrounds. The goal is to divert as little attention from the audience as possible. Use simple and if possible, plain images that will not be a distraction. The images also need to be relevant because they are a key part of your presentation.

Aside from images, there are some other visual aids that you can add to your presentation to make it more interactive

  • Graphs and charts
  • Videos
  • Props and prototypes

All these, if used well, will make your presentation much more successful.

  1. It’s not a rap session. Slow down

It is normal to be nervous. If you get nervous, take a deep breath and slow your speech. If you notice that you are talking too fast, try to emphasize each word and add little pauses in the middle of your phrases and sentences. This will make you more coherent and help make the presentation more effective.

  1. Be audible, be expressive

Another common mistake that speakers make during presentations is not projecting their voices. If there is no Public Address system make sure that your voice is audible to everyone in your audience. Inaudibility turns away the attention of the audience.

While audibility counts, hanging your hands limp all through the presentation is not going to make it any better. Move your hands, move around your oratory space, own the space. A confident speaker will reach out better to the audience than a speaker who just stands at one point barely moving. Your gestures should be natural and not staged. The audience will sniff them from a far if they are staged and easily lose interest.

  1. Don’t draw attention to yourself

If you make a mistake, don’t draw attention to it, neither should you keep apologizing for stuff that is outside your control such as a hung computer. There is a very high likelihood that no one even noticed. Therefore, don’t make an effort to bring detriment to your own presentation by drawing attention to your faults.


Proper preparation is the key to a successful PowerPoint Presentation. Research, make notes, make slides, plot charts and graphs and make visual aids to help smooth your presentation. If your get stuck, you can always seek professional help from Unemployed Professors who will handle all the preparation slides and notes for you and all you have to worry about is delivering your presentation perfectly.

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